The Shepherd's Cottage

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Price offers in the region of €385,000. 3 Bedroom Holiday Home on Approx' 3 Acres.

The Shepherd's Cottage is for sale as a stunning and very successful holiday home business with a rental income or you can simply buy it as your own private home.

* Cottage has Satellite Wifi Broadband.

The asking price is based upon the cottage being sold as a going concern, the price therefore includes all the furniture, house ware, website and domain name etc….

The Shepherd’s Cottage remains accessible with breath-taking drives in every direction. Just 20 minutes away is the delightful town of Sneem, 30 minutes drive would bring you to the larger and very pretty town of Kenmare or a 45 minute drive through the mountains and national park would take you to the famously beautiful town of Killarney. Sandy beaches are nearby as are renowned lakes, rivers and waterfalls. Kerry is also famous for its abundance of world-class golf courses; it is also a fishing enthusiast’s dream, and has unlimited opportunities for horse-riding, surfing, scuba-diving, hill walking, cycling… the list is endless!  

Most property for sale in kerry, comprises of soulless houses on your average housing estate, or the standard bungalow along the side of an ordinary road, generic property such as this can be purchased cheaply and the financial return, if any, will be very slow. Unlike these The Shepherd's Cottage is a stunning one off property in a unique location, with massive tourist appeal. Originally built as a family home and not for speculative purposes by Gary Redmond a bespoke cabinet maker and his interior designer wife Tracey, this unique, rare and immaculate home will only increase in value.

The Shepherd’s Cottage, is a priceless gem of Ireland’s ancient heritage that sits deep in the heart of a horseshoe of mountains known simply to the locals as “The Pocket”, this area is within the world-renowned “McGillycuddy Reeks”, which is a European designated area of “outstanding natural beauty of the highest class”. This class of designation is matched only by the Killarney National Park which has been described as “probably the loveliest part of Ireland if not Western Europe”.

To live in an extremely rare and precious location such as this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for those who recognise its inherent value! With strict planning laws to protect the natural beauty and ancient history of places like The Pocket,
it is now impossible to gain planning permission to build here again any time in the future. Even derelict houses will not be given permission for restoration. The Shepherd’s Cottage is one of the few homes of its kind available in the world today, there will be no others. There is a very limited number of properties such as The shepherd's Cottage, they rarely come up for sale and are very sort after by people who wants to live in extraordinary places such as "The Pocket" … if this could be your dream home and lifestyle don't miss out on this rare opportunity …

Situated at the end of a completely private cul-de-sac, there are no over-looking houses, and no passing cars. This, thankfully, is how it will always remain – untarnished by time and untouched by the outside world. With mountains on three sides and a river running along the fourth, the cottage and its three-acre site are 'an island' of peace and tranquillity… A hikers dream come true!

This is a place of contemplation where you can simply step back from the chaos of the world and feel free of the 'things of man'– a true sanctuary. From here you can see the world go by as if from a river bank, no longer caught in the current as the river flows along its path. This is a place to reconnect with your authentic self, to re-ignite your creativity and rediscover what once was lost in more than one sense.

The cottage is a faithful reconstruction of a shepherd’s cottage which had been in The Pocket for over a hundred years. The original cottage had looked so natural sitting amidst the mountains, as if it had always been there. This was a dwelling that was truly at home; as much a part of this ancient place as the mountains and river themselves. It belonged.

It was our desire to honour this sense of belonging and lovingly rebuild the cottage to how it was always meant to be. We did not wish to arrogantly impose ourselves on this place, but to treat it with respect. We believed it to be sacred in some way, a simple dignity. Its stones had been placed there by people come to pass, in an ancient Ireland also gone forever. By rebuilding the shepherd’s cottage we felt that in some way it helped to keep the spirit of Ireland’s past alive into its future…

The design of today’s Shepherd’s Cottage follows the design of the original cottage with the utmost attention to detail. All the original stone was reclaimed from the old building and reused for the stonework of the new building. The real slate on the new roof is identical to the original slates used on the old cottage. We have gone to great lengths to seek out the same authentic hardware for the cottage, down to such things as hinges, thumb latches, window stays and “rat tail” latches for all the windows and doors. All these features are handmade in a forge not cheap mass-produced reproductions, but original pieces of craftsmanship. Each of the doors and windows has been handmade in the traditional way from redwood.

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Even the rain is an amazing experience here as you watch the mountains come alive… you can stay warm and cosy watching from the comfort of the cottage or, if you’re feeling adventurous, you could take a walk outside during a storm for an invigorating interaction with the weather! Just to stand and breathe in the oxygen-filled air and to be drenched with the rain water is so exhilarating. In a place as wild as this you feel truly alive.

By contrast on sunny calm and relaxing days there is an endless abundance of activities that beckon you to “the great outdoors” should you wish. Whether you fancy a stroll beside the river, a light picnic by the duck pond, a vigorous hill walk, an exploration of ancient monuments, a quiet read in the cottage garden, a nature trek to enjoy bird watching or wild flower spotting, or a wonderfully relaxed daydream in the sun, there is always something to look forward to and take pleasure from.
An opportunity to buy an amazing property in the heart of the McGillicuddy Reeks, County Kerry.